This is the user documentation for the wxCharts project. It shows how to use the charts in your own projects. This documentation focuses on using the readily available charts.

The project also aims to make it easy to modify the code for the existing charts to fit your specific needs or add your own chart types and possibly contribute these changes back to the project if they would be generally useful. If this is what you want to do then have a look at the Internal Documentation.

Getting Started

If you haven't already done so the first step is to download and install the wxCharts library and learn how to link against it in your own projects. This is explained in the Getting Started tutorial.

If you are interested in the wxCharts project you probably know what wxWidgets is and are already familiar with it so we assume you know the basics. If that is not the case you can have a look at our wxWidgets tutorials.

Charts Tutorials

Before reading the tutorial for a specific chart type you may want to read the wxCharts basics tutorial that covers topics that apply to all charts.

Each chart type has its own dedicated page that explains how to use it. Here is the list of available charts with links to their tutorials.